Monday, August 13, 2012

Thicker Than Water

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Today Wild Woman Author is pleased to welcome Alicia Dean and Jake Devlin from Thicker Than Water a romantic suspense short story, part of the Curse of the Scrimshaw Doll series, released August 8, 2012, by The Wild Rose Press.
Where are you from, Jake? Covington, Oklahoma.
What is Thicker than Water about? When Julia Bennett’s childhood friend dies, she comes back home for his funeral, only to learn there’s more to his death than meets the eye. It appears someone from her past is gunning for her and her friends because of a tragic accident that happened years ago. A mysterious ancient cursed doll might or might not have something to do with the events that unfold.
What did you think the first time you saw Julia? I thought she was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen.
And your second thought? That I wanted to get to know her better. That I couldn’t stop thinking about her.
Did you think it was love at first sight? [At the time] I was a teenager, too young to really know what love was, but I knew no girl had ever affected me like that. I learned through the years that no woman ever would.
What do you like most about her? I love her resilient spirit. I love that she’s strong, yet kind and loving, despite her unhappy childhood and the tragedy she’s dealt with.
How would you describe Julia? She’s beautiful on the inside and out, although she doesn’t realize it. She thinks she’s not good enough, that she doesn’t deserve good things to happen to her.
How would she describe you? She’d probably say that I hold people to standards that are too high. Maybe that I’m a little judgmental.
What made you choose being a sheriff as a career? I hate it when people are victimized. I want to make sure those who commit crimes pay for them.
What is your biggest fear? That Julia will be hurt. That I’ll be the one to hurt her.
How do you relax, Jake? I like to watch baseball and drink a few beers.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? John Wayne’s character, John Elder, in Sons of Katie Elder. Because he risked himself for those he loved and fought for what was right.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? My mentor, Sheriff Burton, told me that truth was the most important part of this job. But he warned me to not be blinded by what I believe to be true and to always look for the real truth.
Now, it’s our turn to ask Alicia: What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? Gone with the Wind. Sweet, Savage Love. Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series and Dennis Lehane’s Patrick Kenzie series. There are others, but those are the ones that first come to mind.
Kat: Yikes! Sweet Savage Love was the first historical romance I ever read! Man, as I recall it was about a man named Steve something, who also went by Esteban, and Virginia [Ginny] something. It was set in the west but also Monterrey California, Mexico and Russia. Hmm. Who knew another author would like the same books as me, though I have to say I like Connolly’s Mickey Haller much better than Harry Bosch.
But I digress, tell us a bit about the Curse of the Scrimshaw Doll series. How did you hear about it? I actually created it. I wanted to encourage my fellow OKRWA [Oklahoma Romance Writers] chapter members to complete and submit a story. Wild Rose Press wanted more short story submissions, so I thought it would be fun to start a project where we all wrote stories with a recurring thread. Brainstorming, we came up with the idea of an ancient, cursed doll that appeared in each of the stories, even though they would be written in various genres. (This series is an ‘unofficial’ TWRP series, by the way, one we did as a group of authors, although it wasn’t launched by TWRP) I had no idea the level of enthusiasm I’d see from my chapter mates, nor did I dream of the talent we had in our group, of how successful the series would be. I believe we now have nine stories accepted [for publication].
What influenced your decision to submit to the series? I figured if I was going to force—uhm, I mean ask--others to do it, I should do it myself.
Is Thicker than Water your first experience writing for a series? No. A Knight Before Christmas is one of three novels in a Christmas trilogy I wrote with two other authors that was published through The Wild Rose Press. I also have a self-published series, of which I’ve released two books so far, Death Notice and Death Offerings.
How long did it take from query to release? Just under 11 months. I queried at the end of September, 2011, and it was released August 8th of this year.
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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Brave Amnesiac Heroine

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Today Wild Woman Author is pleased to welcome author Sherri Thomas who brings with her, hero Nick Matthews from Lost Memories an up-coming release from The Wild Rose Press, Inc. as part of the Yellow Rose line’s Honky Tonk Series.
Nick, tell us what is Lost Memories about. Darcy Brooks, the newest employee on the Matthews Dude Ranch, has amnesia. She woke up in the Northwest Texas Hospital with no family or friends around her, but is determined not to let life pass her by and sets out to create new memories.
What did you think the first time you saw her? Hot and sexy as all get out—and she was vacationing at my family's dude ranch to boot. She definitely had me chomping at the bit with every sway of those hips.
And your second thought? You mean once I realized she was there to work and not for a vacation? She was a brunette bombshell with trouble written all over her tightly packaged behind.
Did you think it was love at first sight? Looking back now… definitely. What wasn’t there to love about her? She had me wrapped around her little pinky from the time she stepped on Matthews soil.
What do you like most about Darcy? Her determination and strength for starters.
How would you describe her? Dedicated. She gives herself fully to everything she does no matter how small the detail with a caring hand.
How would she describe you? Stubborn and bull headed. She has told me repeatedly I shoulder too much alone. I have a habit of not letting my brothers handle some of the burden with the ranch, but hey, I’m the oldest, it’s my job to protect and guide them.
What made you choose owning a dude ranch as a career? It’s in my blood. It’s all I know.
What is your biggest fear? Losing Darcy or my family.
How do you relax, Nick? A late night swim does wonders for my stress level, or taking a long ride on my favorite horse with Darcy by my side.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Darcy of course, she has touched every aspect of my life.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Courtesy of my brother Sam: To stop taking everything on myself, to trust my family, my gut and my feelings.
Now it's our turn to ask the author to tell us a bit about the Honky Tonk series. Every heart in this series gravitates to the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk. This wood-paneled structure sporting a large neon star with a single flashing steer riding away sits a few sits a few miles outside of Amarillo off historical Route 66. Owner and bartender Gus Rankin has seen his share of wandering souls cross his bar and dance floor over the years – he’d even like to think he helped a few find true love along the way.
What attracted you to write for it? Lost Memories is a story I started a couple of years ago, but put on the back burner for a time. Then I heard a country-western song that reminded me of a scene I wrote. Over and over these lyrics played and replayed in my head until I had no choice but to dust off the pages and write Nick and Darcy’s journey. Weeks into their bumpy ride The Wild Rose Press posted submissions for the Honky Tonk Hearts series. Coincidently, I had already written a scene involving a bar, which later turned into the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk. To me the two branded together.
Thanks so much for coming to visit us at Wild Woman Author, Sherri. We wish you much luck with this story and the entire series.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Truly Yummy Hero

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Today, Wild Woman Author is pleased to welcome Donna Michaels and former Navy SEAL, Lt. Commander Finn Brennan from Cowboy Sexy an up-coming release from The Wild Rose Press, and part of the Yellow Rose line’s Honky Tonk Hearts Series.
Finn, what is Cowboy Sexy about? How I wanted to throttle my twin, Brett, when he sent me an early birthday gift to help out on our Colorado dude ranch when one of the ranch hands had the misfortune to break his leg while my brother was still deployed. So what does Brett send? A female…and not just any female. No. Not my brother. He sends me a beautiful, headstrong, pain-in-the-backside Marine. Okay, she has a real nice backside, but Brett knows how I feel about the Corps. Him aside, of course. I hate the Corps. The Marine’s took our father almost two decades ago, and because of a Marine, I injured my leg and was recently discharged from the SEALS. That discharge also cost me my girlfriend. So no, I do not like Marines. And now, not only do I have to put up with the sexy Lieutenant—my practical joker brother told our mother I was engaged to the damn Marine.
What did you think the first time you saw Cammie? That my heart hit my ribs so hard I broke one…or three.
And your second thought? That my brother was a dead man.
Did you think it was love at first sight? Love at first sight, no. I’d been down that road and it hurt. I was not going there ever again, especially with a Marine. I did think Cammie was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, and the very last thing I needed. Boy, did I have that last part wrong.
What do you like most about her? Cammie’s willingness to help others no matter what it costs.
How would you describe her? She is a stubborn, headstrong, control-freak with a killer body and the warmest, kindest heart, drawing me in and making me a better man than I could ever hope to achieve through the SEALs alone.
How would she describe you? She’d probably say I’m a stubborn Navy Cowboy who thinks he knows what’s good for himself, but of course, she knows best. She’s right. She does.
What made you choose running a dude ranch as a profession? I didn’t. I chose the Navy, like my grandfather. He died at Pearl Harbor. I joined the SEAL program and loved how the training and discipline set high standards, allowing me to help people out of impossible situations. And I was good at it. I made the rank of Lt. Commander and commanded my own team until a rookie Marine nearly got me killed and forced my medical discharge. Now, I’m stuck running the ranch until my brother comes home from Iraq. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t like working at the dude ranch. I do. I enjoy helping others realize they can achieve more than they give themselves credit.
What is your biggest fear, Finn? My biggest fear used to be that I wouldn’t pass my Navy physical to get back into the SEALS. Now, my biggest fear is losing Cammie.
How do you relax? In order to keep this PG let me just say, hiking up the mountain with Cammie.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? I don’t read much. I’m more of a hands-on kind of guy, but when I was younger I did read Lord of the Rings. I’d have to say Strider was my favorite fictional character because at first he was held back by what he thought others thought of him, and when he decided to say the hell with it and take control of his destiny, he rose to big heights, helping people along the way.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? The best piece of advice I ever received would be from my brother saying Cammie would be an asset and in the end I’d thank him for sending her. He was absolutely right. Don’t tell him I said that, though. His head is already two sizes too big.

Now it's Kat's turn to quiz Donna the author.
What attracted you to write for the HTH series? There were two things: The first was my editor, Stacy [Holmes]. She approached me about the series, knowing I loved cowboys. And she was right, I do. I also love a military man. This series was a great way to combine the two and pay tribute to not only the men in the military, but the women as well.
Was this your first series or are you a vet of this type of story telling? This wasn’t my first time writing for a series. I am also a part of The Wild Rose Press’s Wayback Series. Rhonda approached me with the honor of writing the Free Read, Wayback When, associated with the series to give readers a little taste of Wayback Texas and all it has to offer. I also have a small Valentine’s Day themed Miniature Rose series: Valentine’s Day Do-Over and Valentine’s Day Do-Over Part II: The Siblings.
How easy [or difficult] is it to write for a series? For me, I find writing for a series very easy. By the time you finish the first book, you get to know the ‘world’ quite well and throwing a few more people into the mix is easy. Writing for a series like HTH was not difficult, either. The editor gives you specifics to include, the rest is up to you and your imagination. My favorite place.

Here’s a little teaser for Cowboy Sexy:
Finn Brennan was used to his brother playing practical jokes, but this time he’d gone too far--sending him a woman as a ranch hand, and not just a woman, but a Marine.
When Lt. Camilla Walker's CO asks her to help out at his family's dude ranch until he returns from deployment, she never expected to be thrust into a mistaken engagement to his sexy, cowboy twin--a former Navy SEAL who hates the Corps.
The Corps took Finn’s father, his girlfriend and threatened his naval career. He’s worked hard for another shot at getting back to active duty and won’t let his brother’s prank interfere. The last thing he needs is the temptation of a headstrong, unyielding, hot Marine getting in the way.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can You Sing, Cowboy?

Today Wild Woman Author is pleased to welcome Lauri Robinson who brings Heather Gibson-Dugan, from Sing to Me, Cowboy a May release from The Wild Rose Press' Honky Tonk Hearts Series.  Don't forget--the author who garners the most visitor wins a tote bag from Kat's Kustom Karry-Alls. Let's put Lauri and Heather in the running!!
    What is “Sing to Me, Cowboy” about, Heather? Oh, goodness, it's proof I’m the luckiest girl on earth. I was so stubborn, so foolish, but Lance never gave up on me, not once, and I love him all the more for it.
    What did you think the first time you saw Lance? It as ten years ago, when we were still in high school, and I thought he was downright dreamy. I had such a crush on him and prayed nightly that he’d ask me out. He never did, though.
    What was your second thought? That he was utterly dreaming. I still think so. Though there was a time I tried to hate him.
    Did you think it was love at first sight? Definitely. It just took me ten years to admit it, or maybe to convince him it was.
    What do you like most about Lance? Everything. As you will, too, when you read the story, but ladies, beware, he’s mine.
    How would you describe him? In one word? Mine. Oh, I already said that. How about dreamy? I said that, too. Well, Lance is, Lance. He’s not the most popular country western singer for no reason. He’s perfect. He’s real. He’s down to earth, wholesome, honest, a real genuine person. And he’s mine. All mine.
    How would he describe you? The love of his life. He’s says it to me all the time, but I also see it in his eyes, in his actions. The way he holds my hand or touches my cheek. Ultimately, I know it’s true. I am the love of his life as he is mine. He might also say I’m a bit bull-headed and can be very ornery, especially while pregnant.
    What do you think made Lance choose singing as a profession? I don’t know that Lance did choose it, it was more like it chose him. He’s a natural, and the way he sings his songs, they literally talk to you. That’s what happened to me. It was one of his songs that made me wake up and decide to take my life into my own hands. If not for him…Well, let’s just say I’m who I am because of him. And I love who I am, now.
    What is your biggest fear? I’ve already lived through my biggest fear, and survived because of Lance. With him at my side, I have no fears.
    How do you relax? By having my favorite cowboy sing to me.
    Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Cinderella, because I’m her, living my happy ever after.
    What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Secrets can destroy you. We all have the courage to face them. Find it.

Now it's Kat's turn to ask the author: Tell us a bit about this series. What attracted you to write for it? Was this your first series or are you a vet of this type of story telling? How easy [or difficult] is it to write for a series?
Lauri Robinson: I was so excited to see the request for stories for the Honky Tonk Hearts Series. I’d had Lance and Heather’s story rolling around in my head for some time, but since I normally write historical romances, I wasn’t sure if it would ever find a home. This was the first time I attempted to write for a series that includes several authors and I’m so glad I did. It’s been so much fun to be a part of Honky Tonk Hearts. I’m enjoying reading all of the stories as much as I enjoyed writing Sing to Me, Cowboy.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Morning After

Today, Wild Woman Author is pleased to welcome Brenda Whiteside and Abigail Martin from The Morning After, a July 4th release for the Honky Tonk Hearts series out of the Yellow Rose line for The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Brenda: Hi, Kat and readers. I’d like to thank you, Kat, for having Abigail and me on your blog today. Abigail: I’d like to say thank you, also. And to Brenda – don’t stump me on this interview!
What is The Morning After about? It’s about spontaneity and love! And how that can change you.
Abigail, what did you think the first time you saw Bobby Stockwood? Oh, my gosh, I’m not sure I should tell you. The first time I saw him is a bit of a blank because I was…shall we say a bit tipsy? But the first time I remember seeing him was the morning after. I was shocked because there he was in my bed – a total stranger!
What was your second thought? Well, since all he wore was a bow tie and black socks, I was rather taken with his attractiveness. And the fact he’s a true redhead.
Did you think it was love at first sight? Not for me. It was shock at first sight. But it’s funny you ask because that’s exactly what Bobby claimed. He said when he set eyes on me the night before, it was love at first sight which is why he married me on the spot!
What do you like most about him? Bobby is such a romantic and sexy beyond belief. Sigh And he’s so spontaneous. And persistent with his romance. I’d hate to think if he hadn’t been like that.
How would you describe him? Well, like I said, romantic, sexy and spontaneous which is so much fun. Although he’s kind of pushy with what he wants. But we got that straightened out pretty early on. He’s not much taller than I am with gorgeous red hair, all wavy and thick. He has an auburn mustache and green eyes. And a great huggable body.
How would he describe you? Certainly not the way I really am. I’ve always considered myself rather ordinary – average height, average brown hair, girl next door face – you know. But not Bobby. He says I’m splendid, spirited and magnificent. Can’t keep his hands off of me either.
What made you choose a career in finance? It chose me. I have a degree in commercial photography but didn’t find a job in my field right away. This position opened, and money in the bank does help.
What is your biggest fear, Abigail? For a while, it was losing Bobby. I didn’t know everything about him. A gal has to have total honesty in a relationship. Now? Life is just too perfect to be fearful of anything.
How do you relax? We love to hang out at the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk with a cold beer and listen to the country band on stage. Gus runs a great place there. We always run into friends. Lounging in bed with Bobby on his ranch isn’t a bad place to relax either.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? I guess it’d be Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. She’s oh so feminine and resourceful. I like her stubbornness and how she stood on her own. She was certainly ahead of her time.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? That would be from my mother when I was sure I was losing Bobby. Quite simply, she told me: “Get a hold of Bobby Stockwood, Abigail. If you two love each other, it will all work out.” She made it so simple.
Kat's turn to ask Brenda: Tell us a bit about this series. What attracted you to write for it? I was in the middle of writing another book when TWRP put out the submission call for the Honky Tonk Hearts series. I’m a country girl at heart, and the description roped me in immediately. I had a short story I’d written years ago that never really clicked. I used the premise and changed the location to Amarillo and boom – it just flowed from me.
Was this your first series or are you a vet of this type of story telling? This is my first series book. I found it so easy that I’d love to see if I could do it again.
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